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20th Century British Glass
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Charles R. Hajdamach



Charles' British Glass, 1800-1914 remains the standard work on the subject. The follow-up on 20th century British Glass merely reinforces that belief.

  • British Glass, 1800–1914
    Antique Collectors’ Club Ltd – ISBN-13: 978-1851491414
  • 20th Century British Glass
    Antique Collectors Club Ltd – ISBN-13: 978-1851495870

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Chapters for

  • Frederick Carder And Steuben Glass, 1998
  • Treasures In Your Home, 1993
  • L’Arte Del Vetro, 1992
  • Is It Genuine?, 1986 & 2002
  • The Arts of Britain, 1983
  • Ysart Glass, 1990

Articles & Reviews

A selection of articles and reviews on glass over the last 25 years on a wide variety of antiques magazines and society journals, including:

  • Antique Dealer and Collectors, Guide
  • Antique Collecting
  • Masterpiece
  • Journal of the Glass Association
  • The Glass Cone: Newsletter of the Glass Association
  • Crafts
  • Journal of the Glass Society of Ireland
  • Journal of the Guild of Glass Engravers
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