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20th Century British Glass
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The Lectures of
Charles R. Hajdamach


1. Ancient Glass from the Roman Empire

  • Invention of main glass techniques
  • Cameo, engraved, cut, coloured and mosaic glass
  • Invention of glass blowing
  • Mass production
  • Souvenirs of gladiatorial fights
  • Insight into social and political atmosphere

2. Venetian Glass and Its Influences

  • Glass in Venice over 4 centuries
  • Influence in Europe and America
  • Verzelini in London in reign of Queen Elizabeth I
  • Invention of lead glass in England
  • 19th century fascination with Murano
  • The Memphis style

3. Masterpieces of 18th Century British Glass

  • A national style
  • Rococo wineglasses, chinoiserie opaque white vases and neo-classical cut glass
  • Candelabra and chandeliers
  • The Jacobite rebellion and Bonnie Prince Charlie
  • 18th century paintings showing glass in use from royalty to the humble farmer

4. A Victorian Splendour:
The Golden Age of British Glass

  • Glass geniuses
  • John Northwood, George Woodall, Apsley Pellatt
  • Fabulous glass in a kaleidoscope of colours and decorative techniques
  • Cut and engraved glass, cameo and rock crystal glass, pressed glass and Art Nouveau
  • British glass at its very best

5. The Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851

  • Joseph Paxton's original design
  • Building the Crystal Palace
  • Glass exhibits from original catalogues
  • Glass from London, Birmingham, Manchester and Stourbridge
  • Foreign competitors
  • British firm wins gold medal

6. Stourbridge Cameo Glass

  • Roman cameo glass
  • 1875 and John Northwood reinvents cameo glass
  • The three great Stourbridge companies
  • George Woodall and his masterpieces
  • Cameo glass in the 20th century

7. Emile Gallé and René Lalique:
Masters of Art Nouveau and Art Deco Glass

  • Two of the greatest French masters
  • Gallé’s cameo masterpieces
  • Epitome of Symbolist movement
  • Lalique as jeweller
  • Lalique's success at the 1925 Paris Exhibition

8. 20th Century British Glass

  • Art Nouveau and Edwardian glass
  • Art Deco
  • Keith Murray and Stevens & Williams
  • The effect of two World Wars
  • Festival of Britain
  • Post-war designers
  • Paperweights
  • Discovery of Pyrex and ovenware
  • Studio glass

9. Sophistication in British Art Deco Glass

  • Keith Murray at Stevens & Williams
  • Stuart Crystal and the Harrods Exhibition, 1934
  • Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash, Eric Ravilious and Dame Laura Knight

10. Scandinavian Glass of the 20th Century

  • 20th century success story
  • Orrefors in Sweden
  • Appointment of artists as designers
  • Finnish, Norwegian and Danish glass
  • Work by Sarpeneva, Wirkkala, Aalto and Lutken
  • Design classics

11. The Studio Glass Movement

  • International revolution in glassmaking
  • A new medium for artistic expression
  • Historical background
  • Developments in America
  • Survey of major British artists and the main techniques
  • Sculptural forms, architecture and glass installations

12. Glass Lighting through the Ages

  • From Roman oil lamps and Persian mosque lamps to 18th century candlesticks, candelabra and chandeliers
  • 18th century trade cards
  • Victorian developments
  • Art Deco lamps
  • Wall lights and cocktail bar

13. Glass with Royal Connections

  • Fascinating array of items made and used by royalty through the ages
  • Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman Caesars, European crown heads and British Kings and Queens
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

14. Masterpieces of Britain Engraved Glass

  • Technique imported from Germany
  • 18th century social scenes
  • 19th century influence of Bohemian engravers
  • The great William Fritsche
  • 20th century master engravers
  • Sir Laurence Whistler and Peter Dreiser

15. How Do They That? Techniques of Glassmaking

  • Early Egyptian and Roman techniques
  • 18th century opaque and air-twist wineglasses
  • 19th century inventions
  • Uranium glass
  • Illustrations from present day factories, original patents, and surviving equipment

16. Glasshouses:
A Topographical View of the British Glass Industry

  • Views of glass factories around Britain over 300 years
  • The English glass cone
  • Working conditions and boy labour
  • Changes in the 20th century
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